Projekt Details
Anais Bock. Pronounced Ah-na-ees. Is a trainer for idea manifestation and believe that magic happens at the interface of intuition and strategy, expansiveness and focus and when the left and right side of your brain work together.
The „Let’s work magic“-Method: We live in an ever-changing world and today it is easier than ever to launch your own passion project, run an online business and freely design your every day. But most of us don’t. WHY? We still believe it takes an incredible and unique idea (which we probably don’t have), complicated strategies (that we probably don’t know) and the willingness to market ourselves constantly pitching, selling and making deals (which we sincerely don’t want).

We are still stuck in the old work paradigm, where you need a piece of paper certifying you for your every business move and where only 30 years of experience and a track record of “success” prove your expertise.